Currently happily using a LG Aristo 2 with Ting's T-Mobile offering.

I am able to send SMS texts from my phone to another phone number or numbers.

I am also able to send SMS texts (with or without a picture attached) from my phone to one or more E-Mail address(es).

I am unable to simultaneously send a SMS text to a phone number and an E-Mail address.

When I send a message to both, the E-Mail recipient receives it without incident, but the phone recipient does not receive it.

After much hair pulling (what little hair is left), I found the reason: The message is sent via E-Mail to both recipients, (1) to the E-Mail recipient's E-Mail address, and (2) to the phone recipient's [phone number]@tmomail.net.

This doesn't make any sense to me. Perhaps, some other member of this Forum has come upon this and has an explanation of the (flawed ) logic, or better yet, a solution.

Thank you.