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Thread: [APP][FREE]Test bluetooth Ring & Battery.

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    Lightbulb [APP][FREE]Test bluetooth Ring & Battery.

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    Hello everyone, try new free app.
    With "Test bluetooth Ring & Battery" you can do a quick test of the headset call signal and know the headset battery level.
    Use "Test bluetooth Ring & Battery" to check if the Bluetooth headset is working properly.
    The program shows the data received from the Bluetooth audio device.
    Not all bluetooth devices currently support the HeadSet Battery Protocol.
    Depending on the Bluetooth class of the audio device, the accuracy of the charge data is different:
    - high class (transmits 10 battery states - interval 10%)
    - middle class (transmits 6-4 battery states - 100%, 90%, 80%, 60%, 50%, 20% or 100%, 70%, 30%, 0%)
    - low class (not transmit the state of charge of the battery, ring tone only).
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    You are the developer.
    Please take ownership.
    Welcome to Hofo the best site of it's kind.
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    Fascism is here led by a racist, godless, immoral, hypersensitive, crass, narcissist liar, psychopath committing High Treason against the USA.

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