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Thread: Who Has Some Of The Lowest Prices On A 12 Mo., Bring Your Own Phone, AT&T/T-Mo MVNO?

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    Who Has Some Of The Lowest Prices On A 12 Mo., Bring Your Own Phone, AT&T/T-Mo MVNO?

    I have a spare smartphone that is a Verizon phone, but it will work on AT&T/T-Mobile. Who has some of the lowest prices on a Bring Your Own Device plan that works on GSM (preferably AT&T, but I might consider T-Mobile.) for 12 months.

    It looks like the Freedom Pop 12-month plan is pretty attractive, but I suspect there might be others that have competitive pricing, too. All I want is some phone and texting minutes. It doesn't have to have unlimited. In fact, it doesn't actually have to have ANY date, but I suspect that most have some data.

    This will simply be a backup phone when I can't get through on Total Wireless (Verizon MVNO).

    I am more than happy to pay for a year up front.

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    H2o is decent. I pay $10.00 for 200 T&T every 3 months with permanent rollover.

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    If you're just looking to play around and have a backup phone for calls and texts, Free Up uses AT&T, it's real cellular voice (as opposed to FreedomPop being VOIP), and they operate on a freemium model - 1,000 units of calls OR texts are free each month. You do need to manually renew it each month, but it's been pretty reliable for me as a play toy.

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