Samsung Galaxy J6 is a great phone at a suitable price. It has a big screen, useful features, and fingerprint sensors. It is the best choice for a lot of users worldwide. This phone can be helpful for you in many ways. You can take advantages of its RAM, GPU, Android version and long battery timing. The only problem which you may feel with this phone when you bought this from a carrier provider. When you buy a phone from a particular network provider instead of an official company, it is locked. You can only use one network on your phone. Locked phones are cheaper as compared to official phones, but they come with the limitations of one network. Today we are going to present you the best way to unlock Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus (J610F) & J6 (J600F) by IMEI and use it with any carrier SIM.

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Advantages of using unlocked phone

If you have a Samsung Galaxy J6 or J6 Plus and want to unlock it, you can do it today. There are a lot of gains of unlocking your phone. You can check out all the advantages of using an unlocked phone.

  • If you have an unlocked Galaxy J6/J6+, you can use different networks on your phone. It allows you to enjoy different packages of a different network on a single phone. There will be no need to pay additional charges for this.
  • Another great benefit of using an unlocked phone is that you can utilize any network in any region of the world without other charges. When you visit any new state, just enter the working network SIM and start using their services.
  • If you want to sell your Galaxy J6/J6+ at a higher price, you must unlock it. Unlock phones are sold at a higher rate and quickly.
  • An unlocked Samsung Galaxy J6 can give you various other benefits and savings of service charges. You can use network apps, different network applications and special packages on your phone.

How to unlock your Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus or J6 permanently with IMEI number?

1) First, select your Samsung phone on our website at the unlock page

2) There you will see an input field there and you will have to put the IMEI number. Make sure you provide us the right IMEI number of your phone.

3) After entering the correct IMEI number, provide us with your email and make payment for the unlock process.

4) Once payment has been completed, we will inform you. We will also send you a code through email. It will be used to unlock your device.

5) Now put a different SIM card in your phone. Switch on your phone. As it is currently locked, it will ask for the unlock code.

6) Now simply put our provided unlock code at the input field. It will unlock your phone permanently.

Keep in mind that it is a completely secure way to unlock your phone. We always make sure to unlock phones using the latest mechanism. In case your phone is not unlocked, we guarantee you a full refund. You can trust us and contact us today. We will be delighted to help you as we helped thousands of Samsung users worldwide.