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Thread: VoLTE help for poor signal at house on AT&T Prepaid?

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    VoLTE help for poor signal at house on AT&T Prepaid?

    There are places I visit daily inside buildings where I cannot take a call on the AT&T network (I know, I was on Cricket for a short time). I'd also miss calls (and find out later it went directly to voicemail). However, I was very satisfied with the service everywhere else as far as LTE/speed consistency. I'm unfamiliar with the technical details of VoLTE. When that rolls out on AT&T Prepaid, would it help with the poor voice signal since it would then be carried over LTE? I am on an iPhone 6S.

    If not, I may have to stick with Verizon, though their data speeds have been iffy, due to what appears to be capacity overload in town.


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    I have a prepaid account and I can not get AT&T at my house so I have to turn on WiFi calling. It makes calls and texts possible even when you have no bars on the phone.

    I have picked up my phone many times at home and have no bars at all and have been able to make a call on WiFi. It does its job.

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    It is possible that VoLTE will improve voice support. If the case is that the 3G non-LTE signal is too poor there, but LTE signal is stronger. Different frequency bands and all that.
    iPhone X is my current primary phone. I have older model iPhones and Moto phones available on other lines. Currently prepaid, though would consider postpaid on right plan.

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    I generally see the opposite, that LTE strength is slightly lower than that of 3G, but you might get lucky. In the places where you can't take calls, do you still have usable LTE data signal?

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