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Thread: Is it worth having a keitai as your main phone?

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    Is it worth having a keitai as your main phone?

    Hi all, so I’m seriously considering getting a keitai as my main phone. Is this worth it? My phone now is an iPhone SE so I realise I may struggle to adjust to not having internet but I really think they look cool.

    To deal with this adjustment, I was going to use my old iPhone by getting a data only sim so I could still use all my social media. What do you think? If you’re wondering which keitai’s I’m considering, I’m considering Fujitsu F0D6 Nicola edition and the Sharp SH06-A Nerv Edition.

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    Sadly, these two are now very old models, quite underpowered for modern day use. You won't even be able to open Gmail properly. When you update all the required Google services, they will hog almost all of your RAM.

    Forget about Facebook and other social media – they are equally tough on RAM, CPU, and battery.

    The Fujitsu F-06D is indeed much newer than the Sharp SH-06A, but it's still the now ancient D-series. I have one SH-01D sitting in the drawer, which has a better processor and more RAM, but it still struggles even with a simple thing like reading your email or browsing. The Facebook official app won't even install on it. I use Metal for Facebook and Twitter but it is still too heavy for it. I am still using the SH-01G, but even this is now on the verge of being obsolete because of how much RAM and processing power Gmail, Chrome, Metal and others require.
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