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Thread: Best used, M8 or M9?

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    Best used, M8 or M9?

    I get by on used phones and the battery of the M8 I have now is showing signs of impending death so I'm looking at replacing it either with another M8 or an M9. Since neither one has a user-replaceable battery it would make sense to go for the M9, but depending how hard a life it lived, that isn't a guarantee of a better battery (I should mention the M8 had exceptional charge life for the first seven months). However, before deciding to buy a used M8 I found one online comparison that concluded the M9 was not necessarily an all-round better phone, citing heat problems with the 8-core processor (which wasn't altogether better than the M8's quad-core in the first place) and lack of warmth in the camera (compared to the M8), and other minor niggles, some of this are OS-related and therefore irrelevant because I'll be switching to the LineageOS ROM right out of the box anyway.

    Right now I'm finding used M8s and M9s available for very nearly he same money so I would like to hear from M8 or M9 owners (and particularly those who might have owned both) how you think the M9 measures up against the M8.
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    i think HTC M9 is much better than M8 because of high OS, RAM, Processor, Camera, battery.

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