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Thread: Stir/Shaken requires VoLTE to validate robocalls?

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    I'm sorry, I dont know where you got your information, but Shaken Stir is a back-end system that will protect ALL calls. The requirement by the FCC is that all calls be certified by the end of the year.
    And 1X service is being terminated at end of year, except for some embedded uses (low speed data and text) usage. There will be no 1x voice customers, so doing nothing with 1x would meet the requirement.

    With that said, I would have assumed shaken/stir would apply to both VoLTE and 1x anyway, for two reasons... 1) If they are doing VoLTE and landline, I'd assume it'd be a bit easier to have a single implementation that applies to both than have two independent implementations (at which point it'd apply to any voice tech the cell site is using equally.) 2) I thought when VZW started doing wireless backhaul at least as a fallback on cell sites, that they probably would have made the 1x and VoLTE (and 3G and 4G data) share backhaul, so VoLTE and 1x calls would ultimately take the same path out of VZW's network.

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    The VoLTE servers won't have anything to do with Shaken Stir. The certification happens before the call is pushed to the network for processing.

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