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Just bought this plan on a Moto G6. Went stores. The first one won't do it telling me it's a data plan for a tablet and they won't do it on my phone. The guy in a second store was flexible. He was not sure if it work but tested it on my phone with a live sim he pulled out of a display tablet. It worked on my phone and he activated one for me. Working well. He did explain it was a data only sim for tablets and won't work on all phones. So I guess to go this route, you want to make sure the phone can take a data sim.
Just fyi, that T-Mo data only plan/SIM should work in any unlocked cell phone with the correct T-Mo LTE bands.

I previously thought that T-Mo data only plan/SIM would be blocked in a T-Mo branded phone, but someone else reported in another thread that it WILL work. I still consider that YMMV, but it may be possible.