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Samsung Odin cannot be unfamiliar software if you are a Samsung Galaxy user. Odin is the specific Flashing utility for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Basically, it is used to flash the Samsung Stock ROMs. If you have read about Odin you might have read that Odin works as a Windows-based programme and in order to use the software you need to execute the software on your desktop first. Then, you are able to flash the file you want, on your Samsung Galaxy device through the computer.

Samsung Odin Latest Version

Samsung Odin v3.13.1 is the latest version of the tool and you can flash the latest Samsung devices come with the latest Android Oreo firmware. Visit to download the latest Odin. Even though Odin is a Windows-based programme you can use the programme Online version of programme names Jodin 3 and execute the software on MacOS X. But most of the smartphone users now do not like to use PCs since all the day to day tasks can be managed by their smartphones. So, why is flashing only done by using a computer? Now, users are able to flash their Samsung Galaxy smartphones using Mobile Odin Pro which is the mobile version of Samsung Odin.

Mobile Odin Pro

Mobile Odin Pro is a paid application which can be downloaded from Google play store. It allows users to flash the firmware or install system files manually on the device itself without boot into recovery mode. But as same as the Samsung Odin, mobile Odin only flashes .tar.md5 files. This is an on-device firmware flasher. Your device must be rooted if you are going to use free mobile Odin lite version. If You are using Mobile Odin Pro version you can root your device using "Everoot" option while flashing the firmware.

How To Flash A Firmware Using Mobile Odin Pro

  • Download Mobile Odin Pro
  • Download the firmware in .tar.md5 format
  • Unzip the file if it is in .zip or .7z file
  • Place it in your device internal storage or external SD card
  • Launch Mobile Odin Pro
  • Grant SuperUser access
  • Select "Open file"
  • Choose the firmware you unzipped
  • Select "OK"
  • Tick the EverRoot option
  • If you are going to root your device while the firmware is flashed make sure to tick the "Enable EverRoot", "Inject Superuser" and "Inject Mobile ODIN"
  • If you have rooted the device already now keep the boxes as they are
  • Select "Wipe data and cache" and "Wipe Dalvik cache"
  • Finally, select "Flash firmware"
  • Select "have it checked" When asked for check the md5 signature
  • Then, your device will shut down and reboot to Mobile ODIN's custom Recovery Mode automatically and flashing will begin