With The Galaxy S10 set to be officially unveiled tomorrow at Mobile World Congress, Dieter Bohn has posted a pretty great feature (and accompanying video, above) to The Verge, all about Samsung's new software experience.

He begins by rejecting the antiquated notion of "stock Android", an opinion I've come to share ever since the Google Now showed up on the home screen of my Nexus 4:

Nowadays, “pure” Android does much less than it used to. The basic Android Open Source Project (AOSP) version of it is not something you’d really want to use on its own anymore — too many important pieces have been pulled out of open source and are now distributed by either Google or the manufacturer instead.

So to talk about “pure” Android and “skins” is sort of to miss the point. Most phones built on Android have custom software that goes way deeper than the skin, whether they’re made by Samsung, by Xiaomi or — yes — even by Google.
Preach, brother!

Then it's on to the main event, Samsung's new One UI. The link below and video above are definitely worth a look, but if you've the time nor inclination for neither it's basically an original take on Apple's reachability for iOS, with the inevitable Samsung caveats: slow software upgrades, extra Samsung apps, and least appealing of all, needless third-party crap that your carrier will dump in there before selling you a Samsung-branded device.

More on the Galaxy S10 family after it's MWC début tomorrow...

Source: The Verge