Even with predictive text on a smartphone, its a challenge typing an email more than say two or three sentences with the small on-screen keyboard as one example. Everyone's finger tips are different sizes, and my typing is slowed by often hitting the wrong/adjacent letter on the screen keyboard. Looking for a keyboard, foldable or mini for Androids that is portable that can use with my phone, and it also need to be able to connect using a USB-C cable with my smartphone which is a six month old LG G7 ThinQ. I very much prefer a wired connection, as from past work data security experience, and also living in an apartment building with nearby neighbors not know (have wired router, not Wifi), and wired USB connections are more reliable and stable and less connectivity challenges getting setting up than Wifi, bluetooth, and the like (many many varied device posts on Internet forums on that topic). Also to say with bluetooth, if phone and keyboard are next to each other on my lap, and if slide more than a few inches from each other, the connection is lost. As majority of smartphones in the last two to three years or so are with a USB-C connector, I rather get the keyboard with a USB-C cable, rather than a plain USB micro cable and then get a convertor to USB-C, though I have a charging/data USB-C cable being unsure if it will work with the keyboard. Its fine if the portable Android keyboard has both wireless and wired modes, but I will only use the later.

My searches on Google and Amazon and even tried this forum when have spent more than an hour already not coming up with results for needs, but perhaps using the wrong search terms. Hoping someone here using or has experience with such a foldable/mini/portable wired keyboard that will work with an Android smartphone with a USB-C connector which can recommend a specific model number, that is currently out on the market for sale with a reputable seller/company with a fair return policy if by slight chance need to return.