This is an official method to unlock LG G5 via Network Code on any Carrier like AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, O2, Bell and any other in the world. All mobile phone devices when bought directly from the carrier by signing a contract come with a SIM lock activated. It doesn’t matter if you like this feature or not because that is the price you pay, among others, for obtaining a mobile phone for a lesser amount of money or at least for the ability to pay for it in smaller monthly instalments. All the more prominent mobile network providers give you this opportunity for the fantastic LG G5, but instead, you must be using their SIM card for as long as the contract is valid. This means that if you have bought your LG G5 from AT&T, you must use their SIM card only and the services that they provide. If you would like to switch on another SIM card by another mobile network carrier in your country that will be just wishful thinking. Now, there are some things about which I believe you are not informed when it comes to the LG G5 mobile phone device and that is the option you have to remove the SIM lock with ease. This option was put out there by the LG Company itself, and it is entirely yours to grab, that is if you want to have an LG G5 that is free from any SIM lock. If you are not sure on what carrier network is locked your LG G5 phone, you can use this LG IMEI Checker service for free.

What happens when there is no SIM lock on your LG G5?

  • You will be able to sell it for a better price if you are into the mobile phone trading business.
  • You will be able to enjoy the benefits of other mobile network providers in and out of your country.

What options for LG G5 SIM unlocking do you have?

If you are seriously considering undergoing the unlocking procedure for your LG G5 device, there are two solutions you might want to look into.

  • To root your LG G5 cell phone
  • To unlocking it via unlock code.

Bear in mind, though, that the first option is not highly recommended since it is considered unsafe for your LG G5. If you think the first option know that you will not be sticking to the terms and conditions mentioned in your contract and you will automatically lose your LG G5’s warranty. It is entirely up to you if you want to take this risk.
The second option is safe, and it is also permanent. So, if you are willing to go with the safe option you need to be prepared to pay a small amount of money since this sort of SIM unlocking service is not entirely free. But, in my experience, it is only a tiny amount if you bear in mind the benefits that will come out of it.

Below you can have a glimpse of how the safe unlocking method would look like.

Unlock your LG G5 via IMEIUnlockSIM service

  • Find the IMEI code of your SIM locked LG G5 mobile phone device. To do so, you must simply dial *#06#, and the 15-digit unique code will appear on your cell’s screen.

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  • Go to this is the official webpage for providing a permanent SIM unlock for all LG G5 devices.
  • Once you have entered the page, you will see that you need to fill in some details. Do this as required and be sure that you have entered the IMEI code correctly.
  • Click “ unlock now” and have a good look at the SIM unlocking packages that will be displayed for you next. Select what you think is best for you and provide a valid email address so that you can stay up to date with the process of unlocking.
  • Check your email and see if there is a confirmation from the webpage from above. You will also receive an unlock code in an email that will follow shortly.
  • To enter the SIM unlock code you have just received, take out the SIM card your LG G5 worked on. Put a SIM card from a different carrier. For example, if you used a SIM card from T-Mobile now insert a SIM card from AT&T.

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  • Power your LG G5 back on and enter the code from your email into the Sim Network Unlock Pin FORM. Click OK when asked if you would like to unlock your LG G5 device.

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Just make sure you are entering the correct SIM unlock code, and everything will be fine. You will manage to unlock your LG G5 permanently and safely for only a few dollars.

Video Guide How to unlock your LG G5 via IMEI Number

For any questions contact the official IMEIUnlockSIM Team Support or this link here. Or write in comment below, we can replay to you.