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Thread: 5G Service Launch

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwitchyPuppy View Post
    I truly hope they’ll extend their Home network to improve coverage before going for 5G haha!

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    Canadian network infrastructure already covers 99% of population. Are you suggesting Shaw/Freedom should invest few more hundred million dollars to put up towers where they are currently buying access to Rogers/Bell/Telus towers with LTE Advanced? Or you would prefer them to start allowing you to use your plan in Away? I would take multi network access over the one network access.

    Company like dotmobile has far more interesting approach. It is purely digital application that will allow the use of plan anywhere. You can find out more at . Not more of the same infrastructure is needed, but more compeititive environment.

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    There are two type of 5G
    (1) Sub-6 (4Ghz to 5Ghz) - Huawei Is the main vendor (they have mmvave too)
    (2) mmwave - Nokia or Ericsson is the main vendor (they have Sub-6 too)

    The U.S government wants other countries to use Nokia or Ericsson. The main reason is U.S. government already use 4Ghz to 5Ghz for ("GOVERNMENT USE" *?**?). You know what it means by "GOVERNMENT USE". If all countries using Sub-6, U.S. governement will have a hard time to get their communicate devices to work as today in other countries. (You know what I mean.. hehe.....). That's why U.S. keeps asking other countries to ban Sub-6 5G using national secuity reason. In fact, it is U.S. "only" national secuity problem.

    The boss of Huawei tell the media few months ago. MAIN POINT is here: "Huawei has not much interest to sell 5G product to U.S. if they ban us, We are more than happy to sell more 5G products to the U.S. opposite force countries". (think about it deeply, there are two pieces of information here) I guess most people only listern or believe what the U.S. government or media tell you. Unforturelatly, people will not do reseach on it to find out the fact.

    If you have a little bit of physical knowledge, 4Ghz to 5Ghz have better coverage and transfer than mmWave. The bigger problem of mmWave is (1) short coverage (2) signal can be block by object (ever human). If you taking on the phone, a guy bigger than you walk or stand close to you. You cellphone signal will be weakern a lot.

    2.4Ghz is used on WiFi and bluetooth and 5Ghz is used on WiFi. Sub-6 5G is using 3-4Ghz. It is in between of two home used WiFi. 5G is kind of extended WiFi or super WiFi and it needs more tower for coverage.

    Coverage compare:
    One 3G/4G tower coverage = four to five Sub-6 5G towers coverage
    One Sub-6 5G tower coverage = two to three mmwave 5G towers coverage.

    Verizon Wireless does a test on mmwave 5G. The transfer rate in 500-1000 "FEET" is far far behind (300Mbps to 1Gbps) between Huawei Sub-6 (1.5Gbps)

    If Canada plan not to use Sub-6 (more likely becasue U.S government needs 3Ghz to 4Ghz range for "GOVERNMENT USE"). We will have to pay higher cost and behind the world compared to other countries.
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    Not sure what you're trying to say exactly, but all 3 main vendors have FR1 (sub 7 GHz) and FR2 (mmWave: above 24 GHz) products available today. Samsung and ZTE also have products, but they're relatively smaller vendors.

    US government is not trying to ban or persuade anyone to avoid FR1.

    Keep in mind LTE FDD bands will be refarmed to NR in the next few years. Those are FR1 bands and nowhere near 4-5 GHz.

    In Canada specifically, n78 will be one of the main bands for 5G. The auction will take place next year.

    My personal opinion is that mmWave bands like n257/n261 will only be deployed in urban areas requiring very high capacity.

    In terms of "2 types of 5G", I would characterize them as NSA and SA. Initial deployments are NSA and use existing LTE core network. Future deployments will be SA and require a new 5G core network. That's when the real magic of 5G will start to show.
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    No they are not. But the amount of cash they have available will limit their options. They will have to use that money wisely..
    Quote Originally Posted by lewl View Post
    The two are not mutually exclusive...
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