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Thread: More ridiculous marketing

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    More ridiculous marketing

    Just got an email from H2O offering a 15% discount for 3 months if I sign up for auto recharge.

    I've been signed up for auto recharge for 2 years.

    It's almost as if they have no way to parse their customer list. Just like I get texts and OGM every month to remind me to pay if I'm not on auto recharge.

    Database Management is hard, kids.

    I'm almost tempted to cancel my auto recharge and then sign back up for it, but it seems like a lot of effort to (potentially) save $4.50.

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    Yes, it is hard...For H2O. But cancelling it may open up the opportunity for something else to go awry.

    Recall that when H2O first started the auto recharge discount, and the thread about issues people had with actually getting it applied?

    I went though multiple rounds spanning months with customer service and it didn't finally work until I changed phones and had to get a new SIM. The Commodore PETs they have running the back end systems apparently couldn't handle such changes for existing users.

    The increased 3GB allotment on the $30 plan bought H2O some time, but I've been telling myself to stop procrastinating and look for another carrier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eggsalad View Post
    ... but it seems like a lot of effort to (potentially) save $4.50.
    I agree with you there.
    My smartphone is a lot smarter than I am.

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