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Thread: Fizz Mobile????

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    Fizz Mobile????

    Does anyone have any information on this flanker brand of Videotron? I just heard of it today?

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    What do you want to know? You have to be in Videotron territory to sign up (they call it "Subscription Area", essentially that's the most populate parts of QC, plus Hwy 417 and the Ottawa area. You can choose coverage in QC, Canada, or US, and again I think QC includes Ottawa and Hwy 417 (they have maps). You can roam based on what you choose (and pay for) but you have to use it >50% on Videotron network most of the time (they'll throw you off if you're off-network >50% 3 months in a row or something).

    That said, they're cheap. Videotron is promoting $69/12GB right now, Fizz is $49/12GB and $69/20GB the last time I looked.


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