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Thread: Need Advice on Purchasing Screen Protector

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    Need Advice on Purchasing Screen Protector

    Is a PET film screen protector typically that flimsy plastic like covering that adheres to the screen? Kind of like those static cling window decorations?

    I need a pack of those for my mom's Alcatel Pixi Eclipse, but I can only find two products. The reviews indicate that the material does not completely cover the screen. So I'm wondering if I should buy the PET film screen protectors for a larger phone such as the iPhone XS Max and cut them to fit the Pixi Eclipse. Does anyone know if that would work? I have very little experience with screen protectors. I think I tried to apply one to a Kindle one time and got extremely ticked off - darn bubbles.

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    I suggest getting the exact cut glass screen they last longer, look better. When packing them they should be in a hard box to prevent bending as they break easy.

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