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Thread: I need an alternative call/txt only line?

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    I need an alternative call/txt only line?

    long time since I been on here. So uh, I have my i35 plan. But I'm trying to find a carrier that has cheap unlimited texting and call forwarding plan?

    I know carriers include 2500 call forwarding minutes on actual monthly plans. But I'm looking for a cheap plan that gives me unlimited texting and any calls will be forwarded to my wind line.

    I can't seem to find a solution. Does anyone know of anything? I need something that isn't zoned based(I'll be travelling a lot in Canada). Would want a prepaid solution.

    Posting it in here so maybe someone else in my shoes knows of a solution. I'll be using an old BlackBerry Bold, no data needed.

    Please, anyone?

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    Freedom $15 & $25 plans include call forwarding and unlimited TXT (although yes Public would be a couple dollars cheaper)

    But why not get a VOIP line if all you need is a secondary number?
    Koodo $40 Canada Wide + 8GB + 1000 Intl LD
    Public $120 Province Wide + 12GB - $6 Autopay - $12 Loyalty - $45 Refer = $19 per Month
    Freedom $35 ($37-BTS) North America Wide + 8GB + 1GB Roaming

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