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...I was able to add a GigSky eSIM and FreedomPop nanoSIM. I had the physical SIM active and could switch between two eSIMs.
I'm currently researching low cost alternatives for when my 1 month of AT&T Prepaid runs out. I see that FreedomPop is as low as $9.99/mo for 2GB data when prepaid for a year. It's unclear to me if that includes a phone number for calls/SMS that can be used on the secondary line, or if that's only via the app using data? Since DSDS can only use one data connection at a time, an app only call/SMS experience wouldn't work to be able to use the secondary line for calls/SMS on-the-fly as intended by Apple. What's your experience with FreedomPop in the physical SIM card slot?

As promised earlier, here's my screen recording of FieldTest while driving around: https://www.howardforums.com/showthr...reen-recording