Buying used or cheap branded handsets might be dangerous because cell phones nowadays - especially the expensive models like Samsung S9, Note 9, Note 8, etc. can also be copied. They are also called as a “Clones” or “Premium Copies.” But there's a Simple way to check if your Samsung Phone is Fake or Original.

Here's a simple secret code to check if your Samsung phone is Original or Fake. To check if Samsung phone is Fake simply you have to open the Dial pad and type: *#0*#

If you get the test hardware menu to come up on the screen then the device is 100% original and authentic. You can also check the hardware on the phone like Camera, Sensors, Touch, IRIS, Speaker, MIC, etc.

If you want to buy a second hand phone - you can also use our Samsung IMEI checker to check the device details by IMEI and you can confirm whether the device is original or fake. Use this link to check your IMEI:

If you plan to buy an used iPhone - then you can also follow our guide on how to check if iPhone is Fake or Original

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