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Thread: Should I Switch to Fi From GV in this case?

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    Should I Switch to Fi From GV in this case?


    A few years back, I ported a Verizon phone number to Google Voice. I currently have GV call forwarding enabled to ring through to my actual phone number and I use the hangouts app for occasional SMS. Probably 95 percent of my usage is on my Verizon phone number, but it is nice to use GV to retain access to my old number.

    I am using an grandfathered unlimited Verizon data plan on my iPhone and increasingly find that when I travel out of the country, the rates are not great. They would be better if I switched to a newer Verizon plan, but I am unwilling to lose my grandfathered unlimited data plan.

    I don't mind traveling with multiple phones if needed, but I want to get better rates for data roaming in countries like Canada, Bahamas, and part of South America.

    My inclination is to convert my GV number to Fi and then travel with a second phone or swap my Verizon SIM into my secondary phone so that I can use the iPhone I'm most comfortable with via Fi SIM while traveling and get Fi rates abroad.

    I would probably keep pay per use Verizon roaming active on my Verizon SIM so that I can receive inbound SMS and calls, then respond to them with my Fi (formerly GV) number.

    Is this the best way to accomplish what I am describing?

    I'll probably only need this 4-6 times per year for a few days each trip. What would be my base charge/month while not using this SIM (but keeping hangouts and forwarding functionality to my Verizon iPhone active) vs. how I don't have to pay now with GV hangouts and inbound on my current phone?

    Will hangouts still work as it does not while I am in the US and don't have the Fi SIM in a phone that's turned on?

    Is there any way to use a setup like this to use my primary Verizon phone number globally, without needing to port to Fi/also ideally keeping WhatsApp working?

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    I have my main iPhone on total wireless and for US coverage it is great. I have an old favorite gv number that I have had for years that I use for voice mail.

    I have a separate fi phone it cannot be linked to my gv account. However, I downloaded the gv app on Android and I get a text transcript of calls to my iPhone on total or my gv number. Using the gv app within seconds of the voicemail. Anything urgent I could bite the bullet and pay the 20 a minute to call back.

    When I use WhatsApp it is with the actual fi number. Close friends and family know that number.
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