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If you are an Apple user you already know what is iTunes.iTunes works as an application to manage media related stuff and mobile device management application for Apple devices. But most Apple users ignore iTunes since its feature creep and purpose of money. As a successful alternative for iTunes, most of users now tends to use iTools.It allows users to manage their iOS devices as iTunes but in a simple and easy manner.

Features Of iTools

1. iTools Battery Master - Gives complete reports of device battery health

2. Ringtone Maker - Allows you to set your own audio tracks as the original Apple ringtones

3. Image Tool - Lets you preview your images in the original resolution and gives chance for advanced editing and management

4. iTools AirPlayer - These features let you enjoy the full-screen of your iOS device on your desktop

5. Files Management with explorer - Gives the ability to explore and arrange files

6. Icon Arranger - Allows you to rearrange the icons of the device change the appearance of the device screen

iTools Compatibility

You can download iTools on Mac and Windows PCs.

  • iTools Windows - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and up to Windows 10

  • iTools Mac OS X 10.7 and upper

Supported Devices

iTools support iDevices such as iPads, iPod Touches, and iPhones which run iOS version iOS 11.3/ iOS 11.3.1.


Currently, iTools 4 is the latest version of the application which can be downloaded in several languages including English.

iTools (Windows and Mac OS )

How To Download iTools For Windows or Mac

Step 01: Download iTools for Mac or Windows PC and install as a regular application
Step 02: Wait for a while since the tool installs driver packages
Step 03: After successful installation connect your iOS device using the original USB cable
Step 04: The device will be detected by iTools automatically
Step 05: Next, you can have the iTools general interface with multiple options.
Step 06: Choose one of them according to your preference

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How does iTools install apps on iOS devices?

1. Download the .ipa file from a third-party source for the app you want
2. Go to the iTools interface and navigate to "Application" menu
3. Click on "Install Button" and install the application

Why does the app transfer process sometimes fail

Several reasons can because to fail iTools app transfer process.

1. Apps are not compatible with your iOS device
2. Apps do not meet iPhone's built-in security standards
3. Apps are corrupted