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I've been using my OnePlus 6T for less than 24 hours, and the one thing I can say definitively is that its in-display fingerprint scanner is the real deal. It's maybe a titch slower than the rear-mounted equivalent on my OnePlus 5T, but because of the enlarged scanning area on the 6T version I'm actually finding it to be more accurate than my old phone. So accurate, in fact, that I've turned the face-unlock function off altogether.

In an informal test performed just moments ago I've had a 100% success ratio with both my right and left thumbs (admittedly in ideal conditions). The only issue I'm having with this new setup is that the muscle memory on my index finger keeps reaching around the back of the 6T for the fingerprint reader that isn't there, and smudges the camera flash instead.

It's still very much a novelty, but I'm so far so impressed with this that I might, in time, be willing to forgive the absence of a headphone jack. At least OnePlus is giving you something unique in return; Apple and Google, what's your excuse? ಠ_ಠ