I didn't see a thread about this here and spam filtering through the phone itself is something I'm interested in so I'm posting this.

Google FI now supports network wide spam filtering and network based number blocking through the phone itself.

Tmobile's network spam filtering is only available on their postpaid service or on MetroPCS whose lowest cost plan is $30 a month. So strictly for voice and text Fi's $20 a month service is the least expensive one with spam controls AFAIK. Plus FI can now block individual numbers before they even reach you. Android recently crippled call block apps by changing something so now they can't hang up on callers anymore - you still get a voice mail.

It's not like you couldn't do this with Google Voice but it only takes one call through your normal phone number to a toll free number to bring a surge of spam calls coming your way.


Reddit thread that talks about this.


Now that Google has opened up its service to other android phones this feature may draw more users.