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In Simple words "Flashing a Stock ROM" basically means to load the original Android OS which was shipped with the device when it was launched to the market. Users flash their devices when their devices are slow and locked due to various reasons. Also flashing is the best solution to bring the bricked devices alive again. When it comes to Asus flash tool it is a specialized flashing tool for Asus devices that belong to the Zenfone model and it can flash Stock ROMs faster on Asus devices.

Asus Flash Tool v2.0.1

Asus Flash Tool v2.0.1 is the latest version Asus Flash Tool and it has been improved avoiding closing the program automatically and fixing layout in the tab Backup/Restore. But if you face any trouble when using the latest Asus Flash Tool v2.0.1 try a previous version of Asus flash tool considering compatibility with your device.

Features Of Asus Flash Tool

1. Simple and User-friendly interface

2. Flashing Stock ROMs - Asus Flash Tool allows users to flash Stock ROMs on any Asus Zenfone models. Both Stock ROM upgrade and downgrade can be down using the tool

3. Backup/Restore - In addition to Stock ROMs flashing users are able to back up their apps and restore them when needed

4. Backup System Apps - System apps can be backed up in .ab on the computer

5. Progress bar - Live progress bar to indicate if the flashing process is being done or not


1. Asus Flash Tool v2.0.1 requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10 to flash your device since it is a Windows-based programme (64-bit or 32-bit)

2. The original USB cable of the device

3. Correct Stock ROM for your device and Asus USB drivers


Asus Flash Tool v2.0.1

How To Download Asus Flash Tool v2.0.1

Step 01: Download Asus Zenfone USB drivers on your computer
Step 02: Download Asus Flash Tool v2.0.1 on the computer
Step 03: Extract it and double-click on the .exe file and proceed with on-screen instruction
Step 04: Finally you can have Asus Flash Tool v2.0.1 installed

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Step Guide To Flash Stock ROM On Asus Device

Step 1: Back up your device completely
Step 2: Enable Developer mode and USB debugging mode from settings from device settings
Step 3: Download correct Asus Zenfone Stock firmware file on the computer
Step 4: Launch Asus Flash Tool v2.0.1 and connect the device
Step 5: Click on the disconnected button and browse and add the Stock firmware file
Step 6: Then the process will start and the device will restart automatically
Step 7: Put your device in Recovery mode by long pressing Volume down and up keys
Step 8: Go to update ADB with "apply update from ADB" and start the flashing
Step 9: At the end of the process restart the device and disconnect from the PC

Note: The process would probably take 5 to 10 minutes. Stay without operating your device until you get the final result