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Thread: How To Jailbreak Any iPhone Using Apple Regular Account With Latest Electra Jailbreak

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    How To Jailbreak Any iPhone Using Apple Regular Account With Latest Electra Jailbreak

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    Electra Jailbreak iOS 11.2-11.3.1 is the latest version of Electra Jailbreak which was released in July 2018. It has been improved with new features by Coolstar, the developer of Electra who is a well-known hacker and a developer.

    What Is Electra Jailbreak

    Electra Jailbreak is a semi-tethered jailbreak method as same as LiberiOS.LiberiOS was widely used before the arrival of Electra Jailbreak. As Semi-tethered jailbreak, Electra Jailbreak restores your device into its original iOS, every time you reboot the device. Recently released, Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.2-11.3.1 has two versions.

    1) Electra Jailbreak Developer version that uses a multipath tcp exploit
    2) Electra Jailbreak Regular version that uses a vcf exploit

    Developer version requires Apple developer account to jailbreak your device and jailbreaking valid for one year and have to re-jailbreak after one year. Regular version needs Apple regular account to jailbreak and jailbreaking valid for seven days and the device must be re-jailbroken after every seven days.

    What Do You Need To Jailbreak With Latest Electra Jailbreak

    1. Mac or Windows computer
    2. USB Cable
    3. Suggested iDevice which runs iOS 11.2-11.3.1
    4. Strong Internet connection
    5. Valid Apple ID and Password


    1. Uninstall iOS 11.4 update using iPhone Storage > iOS 11.4 > clicking Delete Update
    2. Install a TvOS profile on iPhone and prevent iOS 11.4 update from being downloaded
    3. Before running the Electra jailbreak disable Siri and enable Airplane mode. Next reboot the device and check if the 4. Airplane mode is on (after you’ve signed and sideloaded the jailbreak app and trusted the developer signature)
    5. If you need to reset the backup password do it before the jailbreak process

    How To Jailbreak Any iPhone Using Apple Regular Account With Electra Jailbreak

    1. Have a complete backup of the iDevice using either iTunes or iCloud
    2. Download Electra Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 regular version since you are going to use Apple Regular Account
    3. Download Cydia Impactor ( Choose correct Cydia Impactor version according to the computer Operating System)
    4. Install both applications and Run Cydia Impactor application
    5. Connect your iDevice to the computer and trust the computer on the iOS device
    6. Drag the Electra Jailbreak IPA onto Cydia Impactor
    7. Type your Apple ID and password and Click OK to sign the Electra Jailbreak IPA and upload it onto the iOS device
    8. Trust the certificate using open Settings > General > Device Management on the iOS device in order to launch the 9. Electra jailbreak T You will see a developer profile under the “Apple ID” heading and tap the Electra profile to trust the developer(An Internet connection is required to verify the app developer’s certificate)
    10 Launch the Electra iOS 11.3.1 app and tap on "Jailbreak" button
    11. After Electra jailbreak, the device will respring and Cydia will be on your home screen

    Note: Re-launch the Electra jailbreak app and keep trying If you cannot find the Cydia after jailbreaking with Electra jailbreak 11.3.1


    Although Electra Jailbreak is safe to use cannot be responsible for any damage that may happen to your iOS after the jailbreaking.
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