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Thread: Rogers Call Centre Tactics (and how to beat them)

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    Post Rogers Call Centre Tactics (and how to beat them)

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    This is Jason Harley, standing outside the Rogers call centre in Kitchener, Ontario, where he worked as an agent until the spring of 2017. He is now going public with what he describes as "a culture of dishonesty" that pervaded his former workplace, in advance of a CRTC public hearing on telecom sales practices in Canada.

    He's revealed to the CBC that sales reps at the centre earned points towards extra commissions for each additional product and service that they can get callers to agree to—and conversely, would lose points for every service that was cancelled. Tactics to avoid the latter included what Harley calls "the hot potato game", where customers looking to cancel were bounced around between reps until they either gave in or hung up.

    When this didn't work agents would sometimes lie outright to customers, telling them that services had been cancelled when in fact they had not.

    What you can do:

    Harley and the CBC recommend the following tips for Rogers customers:

    • Instead of calling, use the live chat feature on, and remember to request an emailed transcript of the conversation when you're done;
    • if you must call, do so between 9am and 5pm. You'll likely get more experienced agents with seniority, and who are therefore less reliant on commissions;
    • if you're not getting what you want you can always ask to speak with a manager/supervisor—unlike regular agents they're not penalized for cancelling services;
    • contrary to what an agent tells you, you don't have to visit a store to resolve billing issues;
    • if you do visit a store, get anything that you're promised in writing.

    For more on this, plus the similarly shady practices at Bell, see the link immediately below.

    Source: CBC
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    I wonder how Rogers will respond to this under Natale’s “I’m going to obsess over customer service” strategy?

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