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Thread: Google Home Hub: a Clock Radio for the 21st Century

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    Post Google Home Hub: a Clock Radio for the 21st Century

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    This is just a stock photo from Wikipedia, but I have something almost identical to it sitting on my nightstand right now. I've had it for at least as long as I've lived in my current apartment—and come to think of it, the one before that as well. That's 21 years and counting!

    I don't think that I've used the radio function in about 10 of those years, and I don't even use the alarm any more. It's just a big, red LED display that I don't physically touch except to set the time an hour ahead or behind in the spring or fall.

    If ever there was a piece of home electronics ready for disruption, the ancient clock radio would be it.

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    Enter the Google Home Hub. Just a year ago I was rather outspoken on the dubious value of Google Home products; now, but one product cycle later, the addition of a screen—and critically not a camera—makes an appliance you can yell at suddenly useful. I know it's able to control your smart home devices but I don't have any of that; what I do have is WiFi and a connected music streaming service, all this thing needs to match the same core functions as my current clock radio. Add to that the ability to view weather and traffic and the Home Hub becomes an easy sell to the person who shares my bed with me—all the impetus she needs to call in sick will be staring her in the face from the moment she wakes up.

    Hey Google, please bring the Home Hub to Canada, mmkay?
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    Hate to spoil your enthusiasm, but I use an antiquated Moto Xoom (going on 6years now) to fill the same even has its own docking station with extra speakers.
    Of course, it's not a hub (I use a Samsung ST for that) but it'

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    The Xoom has a larger screen, right?

    7" is too tiny, really. It's phone-size. I'd rather have one of those I can have partway across the room, instead of having to have it within 2' away just to see it.

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