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Thread: Best way to port a number to active phone?

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    Best way to port a number to active phone?

    Wife has 2 active phones.

    Phone A is active with Ting. Phone B is active with Sprint post pay

    Object is to get phone number from phone A to Phone B with least amount of down time on phone B. Then cancel Ting acct.

    Ting Phone A number will replace number currently on Phone B.

    She does not want to be without phone B being functional with either number until port is final.

    Can this be done by simply transferring Phone number A to Phone B, or does the number have to be "parked" somewhere until Ting fully releases it?


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    I'm thinking port ting number to a gsm service. then swap device a for b on your sprint account. then port the gsm number to sprint using device b

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