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Thread: Mobile First Indexing, help?

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    Mobile First Indexing, help?

    Hi. I'm from Brazil and I need help.
    In one of my projects, due to the new rule of Google Mobile First Indexing, two important site pages decreased access. There is probably a problem with improvements to mobile pages.

    I think I need an analysis of some analyst who specializes in responsive sites for anyone who knows the problem that can cause a decrease in access to the site after the change of Google.

    The website is Brazilian and the pages affected are from the segment of chairs to beach and umbrella to beach. The affected pages are:


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    The new rule states that google will index the mobile version of your site as a base for ranking instead of the full version. It may be that your mobile version is nopt as good in terms of content. You may want to go to gogole webmaster tools and look for mobile usability issues on your website. Google also stated that if your mobile version is alot different from your desktop version it will drop you in ranking.

    You must understand look at the amp project... this is what google is looking for in mobile site. Clean , almost nothing but the essentials it makes it hard to convert because you will always lose some content and elements on a mobile version as compared to desktop of even tablet.

    If its specific pages withing your site there are different possibility.
    there could be a mobile usability , scaling , speed on that page...
    There could be a increased competition for what that page was competing for on mobile...
    You may have bad user metrics on the mobile version because its cramped and half your above the fold content is immediatly blocked by a pop up something google has said is not good.
    Your navigation menu scrolls, you have a really long page and when i want to see the manu i ned to all the way up ( users will bounce for this causing bad user metrics and subsequent drop in ranking. )
    clickable elements are too close to each other on mobile. USe a 100% width on those products instead of 50% ( 2 columns ). This will make the items easier to click and to deal with page length use pagination on the products

    Thje site is just too busy on mobile my friend.

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    Responsive Website Developer

    I think you need to get connect with a web developer who have a good years of experience and expertise in responsive website design. As per current trend, I must suggest to design your website in AMP virsion (if possible) which is most beneficial in your SEO ranking and overall online presence.

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