I am in Thailand and my sprint s7 edge from sprint was supposed to be unlocked before I left the US as I called the international department. Well after about 6 hours of my vacation they have not been able to correct it. No data or network signal on either sprint or Thailand sim. I have been trying to update the profile though wifi but it just will not.

Here is my question-
It's cheap to have work done on a phone here. I want to have the firmware changed to an international version of the s7 edge. If I do that can I keep the same esn or imsi as before. That way the phone is fully unlocked and I can use it when I get back home?
I will keep the factory reset stock firmware in the phone I came it does not work when I get back. It will just take me hours of signing in and setting up all my apps again so I don't want to do this if it won't work in both countries. Thank you.

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