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Thread: What the USMCA Means for Canadian Smartphone Users

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    Post What the USMCA Means for Canadian Smartphone Users

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    No, wait... that's not right.

    It is, however, the correct acronym for the United States Mexico Canada Agreement, which will replace NAFTA as the new trade deal between the three nations. So what exactly does it mean for Canadian smartphone enthusiasts? I've three ideas, to which I'd welcome your thoughts.

    1. No Tariffs on Gmail

    Let's be honest, this was probably never going to happen, yet Canada-U.S. relations never seemed so frosty as they were this past summer. I even saw—and subscribed to—a new subreddit promoting Canadian-made products. And yes, I'm aware that reddit is an American site.

    With this new trade deal in place Canadians should, for the foreseeable future, still be able to enjoy all the best services that the USA sends this way—Amazon Prime, Apple iCloud, Google apps and the rest.

    2. A Joint Committee on Telecommunications

    Mobile Syrup's Sameer Chhabra has all the details about a new committee that will oversee mutual concerns like roaming and 5G. TL;DR expect at least the same level of co-operation between the three countries as we've enjoyed thus far.

    3. A Decent Exchange Rate

    This could be a big one... Our loonie is already soaring on news of the new deal, and if it stays strong it could have a positive effect on new hardware pending release. It's possibly too late for the LG V40 ThinQ, which is set to be made official in only two days—but the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and OnePlus 6T might carry a more reasonable price tag thanks to a strong Canadian dollar.

    What do you make of the new USMCA?

    Links: CTV, Global News, Mobile Syrup, r/BuyCanadian
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    Why not CAMUS? Or MUSCA? Stroking orange ego much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ipse View Post
    Why not CAMUS? Or MUSCA? Stroking orange ego much?
    I think it's because the US economy is much larger.

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