Additional rules are being instituted as of today due to the excessive amounts of trolling and other petty insults (i.e "T-Mobile fanboys") which are being casually being thrown at members of this forum.

GENERAL POSTING RULES - Moderators and Administrators have the sole discretion of deleting, closing, modifying and/or moving posts/threads if there is good reason to believe that the content is off topic/trolling/thread crapping/thread jacking or otherwise done intentionally to cause chaos.

PREVIOUSLY BANNED MEMBERS - Zero tolerance. If the staff finds out who you are, you will be BANNED again. No warnings, no exceptions. Don't waste your time or ours.

FLAMING/TROLLING - Any content that is unlawful, harmful, harassing, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, hateful or distasteful in nature is prohibited. If someone flames you, take the high road and report it to a Moderator and it will be dealt with accordingly. If you flame back, then applicable parties will be subject to disciplinary action. Flaming is not tolerated, even in self-defense. Such things detract from civil discussion (this includes name calling). Trolling may also include useless or unnecessary remarks that add no value to a thread and/or have the potential to cause problems and/or interrupt the current conversation.

If you disagree with another member, respond to the subject, not the person. The Internet has made it easy to make personal attacks but you must still exercise courtesy and self-restraint here. Please use the PM (Private Messaging) system to resolve personal issues.

Threats against members, Moderators or Administrators will not be tolerated.

Racial, ethnic and religious slurs are zero tolerance items and warrant more severe punishment.

THREAD CRAPPING - This is when a member comes into a thread and posts something contrary to the spirit/intent of the thread, in an attempt to purposely derail the discussion or turn it into an argument. This is not allowed either.

While we appreciate other points of view, the excessive posting of nothing but negative and/or troublesome comments is not conducive to good order and detracts from the enjoyment of this forum.

REPORTING POSTS - Members are to use this "Report post" feature to report posts which violate any of the rules listed here or other issues they have with a particular post or member. Do not "Report a Post" and then going after a poster by replying directly to them in a confrontational manner, if the Moderators and Administrators see this type of behavior, you may have disciplinary action taken against you. Exceptions: (see SPAMMING/ADVERTISING Section b.).

Do not expect the Moderators and Administrators to reply your reported post, a prompt response or any response to a reported post. Moderators and Administrators will use their own discretion in deciding what actions may be taken. Please cooperate when Moderators and Administrators PM you for more information about the post you reported.

**The staff is unable to be online all the time, as we have day jobs too. Responses to issues that arise may take time, please be patient.**

Once you Report a Post. Move on, your job is done.

PRIVATE MESSAGING - If you have an issue with a member, then please use this feature to directly and privately speak with them. Do not post comments about other users on the forum for all to see. Nobody cares about or wants to read about your problem with other users. The same goes for issues with Moderators and Administrators, message them for additional clarification or for other issues--publicly criticizing or speaking down to a moderator will not be tolerate either. We are available to discuss any issues you may have via PM, see additionally the Moderator Critique section below.

MULTIPLE THREADS ON THE SAME/SIMILAR TOPICS - This is when a member comes into a forum and posts a new or multiple thread(s) on a topic for which there is already a post in the forum which addresses the same/similar subject as the new thread(s).

Please read the forum to make sure the topic doesn't exist already. This is to ensure that the forum isn't clogged up with multiple posts of the same/similar nature and it makes it easier for members to navigate the busy forum and look for topics they want to participate in.

Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to determine if the new post(s) is the same/similar to existing content or if the mass posting of the new thread(s) was intentionally done to annoy forum members (see SPAMMING/ADVERTISING Section a.). We reserve the right to close, edit, delete/remove, merge etc...posts which we believe could apply to an existing thread.

POSTING OF CONTENT - In order to provide valuable and useful information for all users, the Moderators/Administrators may, at our sole discretion may remove, edit, delete, move etc..articles/posts/threads which in the opinion of the Moderators/Administrators do not provide this experience we are interested in providing all users.

OFF TOPIC DISCUSSIONS - Warnings may be issued or other action taken at the discretion of the Moderator/Administrator if discussions/posts get too far off-topic. If the off-topic discussion results in THREAD CRAPPING and/or FLAMING/TROLLING then applicable users may face disciplinary measures.

SPAMMING/ADVERTISING - Any form of advertising or soliciting members or commercial website linking (excluding signatures of current HowardForum advertisers) whether publicly posted (including signatures) or sent privately (including email or PM) is strictly prohibited.

a.) The rules for spamming also apply in instances when a member posts new threads or inside an existing conversation while continuously or excessively to intentionally disrupt order in the forum, annoy/harass members, to flame/troll, or to cause chaos. Keep the content on-topic.

b.) The rules for spamming also apply in instances when a member repeatedly uses the Report Post feature on the same post and/or on posts which clearly do not break any of the rules or do not meet the criteria. You may receive a warning for this.

ACTIONS FROM OTHER MODERATORS - Not a typical occurrence. Moderators and Administrators from outside the T-Mobile forum may act on our behalf or under direction from the assigned Staff to resolve situations which occur in the T-Mobile forum. Assigned staff for this forum will not undo or shorten bans given to users or other actions made to posts/threads from outside Moderators and Administrators in the T-Mobile forum.

Rules under MODERATOR WARNINGS and MODERATOR CRITIQUE also apply to outside Moderators and Administrators.

MODERATOR WARNINGS - Moderators and Administrators may or may not warn participants to behave. We do know who have been issued warnings to, so if you receive a warning, please heed the warning as it may be YOUR LAST warning before further action is taken. Do not be surprised if you are banned.

If a post/thread has been deleted, closed, moved or otherwise modified, DO NOT REPOST the original or similar content. This also counts as a warning. PM the STAFF for further clarification and/or further review.

MODERATOR CRITIQUE - Moderators and Administrators actions are not up for public debate. Threads/posts that are critical of Moderators will be removed. Do not post threads asking why your thread was removed. If you have a grievance with a Moderator, send that Moderator a Private Message to address your concerns and to resolve the situation. We try to stay out of things unless it warrants us stepping in. We prefer the forum to be YOURS, not OURS as long as it is kept civil. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS RULE MAY RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION, we do not have time to clean up the mess you make when you keep posting your complaints. PM the STAFF.