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Thread: SIM Swap for Unlimited

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    SIM Swap for Unlimited

    Can anyone tell me if it would be possible to setup a new Unlimited AT&T prepaid account for a phone, and then take that SIM out and put it in my USB Modem (AT&T Beam) to get the Unlimited Plan that isn't otherwise offered for USB Modems/Hotspots? If so, would I need to "activate" that SIM in that phone, or would it be possible to just use the IMEI for the phone on the website, and then put the SIM directly into the USB Modem/Hotspot?

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    Do you mean the $65 unlimited plan
    That has the unlimited high speed data ?? It says in the description that mobile
    Hotspot / tethering is not allowed.

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    You could try it. Someone with the unlimited iPad plan did something similar and it failed to renew at the end of the month. Basically AT&T is doing an IMEI check. At the end of the month at the time of renewal, put the sim back in the phone and take it back out once renewed. Name:  6D235EBC-09DA-4C66-8F24-3B84AB0993EB.jpg
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    Thinking the IMEI check is for postpaid. I’m on prepaid and switched from a Note 4 to an iPhone 8 Plus and my service did not fail to renew

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    Switching between the same type device has always been allowed. Switching among a telephone and a tablet, computer or a cellular modem is the concern.
    Earl F. Parrish

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