My son had his identity stolen (compromised) by an unscrupulous person who purchased a phone/service from Verizon by running a soft credit check with my son's SS#. I don't think Verizon is doing a very good job of vetting these accounts. They should ask for more than just an address and social security number to activate an account.

The small Police Department in my city, said they have had 50+ instances of Identity Theft through Verizon within the past 30 days. I think Verizon should be more proactive when opening accounts. I know Spring asked us for 2 or 3 things on our credit report BEFORE they would allow us to open an account.

Verizon is not on my list of favored companies right now. When we called, they said there was not enough information to declare it fraud as of yet, even though the "intent to disconnect" was sent to my son along with a $300+ bill in the arrears. My son never has/never will have a Verizon account in the future.