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Thread: Nevermind - I got my answer.

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    Nevermind - I got my answer.

    Nevermind. I got Red Pocket to finally give me some good settings. MMS working now. Now if I can just get outgoing calls to work. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by diddlydudette View Post
    Now if I can just get outgoing calls to work. lol
    Did you ever get outgoing calls to work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital Rules View Post
    Did you ever get outgoing calls to work?
    No, It still delays and sometimes times out and call ends. I bought a new Note 8 unlocked to all carriers. RP told me initially the issue was my sister's Galaxy S4. So I told my sister she needs a new phone. Now the new phone is doing the exact same thing. Kind of irks me that they told me it was her phone issue. I had a gut feeling it wasn't the phone and I was right.

    I did a long chat with RP yesterday and they couldn't figure it out. They are supposed to call today so we'll see.

    CS _____: While we were performing the troubleshooting steps, I have already forwarded all this to our Technical Support Team, please allow us within the day or up to 24 hours to find out what causing the issue . We need to check if this is something to do with the network or coverage.

    ME: Do you think it can be corrected?

    CS _____: Most likely yes because as you mentioned, it would connect , just delayed

    Technical support team has its own way of resetting the network and it is usually processed for cases like this
    please allow them to check and work on your account

    Why in the heck didn't they do this first before telling us we needed a new phone?

    If they can't fix, they can put my sister on an even better plan for the rest of her plan remaining and add a month or two onto it. Since phone is unlocked to all carriers, she'll be happy to do a Verizon plan. We'll see how they make this up to her.

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