Google FRP & Samsung Lock

First, let's clarify what are the two of them and what is their purpose.
Factory Reset Protection or FRP and Samsung Reactivation lock are both made for your safety in case of lost or stolen device or data modification.
Both serving basically the same goal, but there are a few differences, let's talk about it.

The Reactivation Lock has been developed by Samsung and it is available on Samsung Devices only. It is available since KitKat 4.4. To enable this type of lock you'll need the Samsung Account and it is available only for selected devices.
If you change your SIM you'll need to login to your Samsung Account and the Device Location can be traced which offers data protection in case of Lost or Stolen.

FRP lock has been
developer by Google and it is available on Samsung and also other Android devices. It is available since Lolipop 5.1. To be able to acces the FRP lock you'll need an Google Account but not Login is required if SIM is changed. It doesn't have Device Location for tracing. If you want to do a factory reset it requires previousuly information from the last Google account. It offers protection from flashing and software changing.

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