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Thread: Nextivity Cel-fi RS1 Cell Phone Signal Booster, Provisioning or registration needed?

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    Nextivity Cel-fi RS1 Cell Phone Signal Booster, Provisioning or registration needed?

    I'm wanting to use a Nextivity Cel-fi RS1 Cell Phone Signal Booster for T-Mobile and Ultra mobile and Metro PCS, but before I buy one to test I thought I should ask this.

    Will it operate straight out of the box without provisioning or registration?

    I once purchased a used T-Mobile Personal Cellspot WiFi Model 9961, but couldn't use it as T-Mobile said they must supply it, and provision or register it before shipping. Geeze.

    Weak and marginal signal strength is killing my and other family members' battery life.

    Any guidance appreciated.

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    Hi Edward2, I represent Nextivity, the manufacturer of Cel-Fi. The T-Mobile Cel-Fi RS1 doesn't need to be registered. The system was designed to be "plug n play", which means you simply need one bar of usable 3G/HSPA+ signal in order for the system to work. However, we wanted to make sure you know that the RS1 is our oldest Cel-Fi product, which means you will only receive a boosted signal for 3G and HSPA+ Bands as this specific model doesn't boost LTE bands.

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