In case that the Samsung unlock code is not accepted and you are 100% sure. that the source of your freeze code and the code is a good one, you'll most likely need for your device a unfreeze code.

In the situation where it says: "Phone Freeze" or "Sim unavailable. Contact your service provider" you'll have to follow these steps.

  1. Turn on the phone with a sim carrier that is other than your device to receive the following message "Phone Freeze"
  2. Now, even if it doesn't show what you type, and is not a specific box where you write the code, type the "Unfreeze code" or MCK code and press "Ok" button.
  3. If your phone requests for the unlock code, insert the unlock or NCK code and your phone is unlocked. In case that it doesn't ask for code just restart and it should ask after reboot. If not try again the process.


If your phone says that when you insert a unlock code, you'll have to:

  1. Factory reset your device, by typing *2767*3855# or from Settings/ Privacy/ Factory data reset (Settings/ Backup&reset/ Factory data reset)
  2. After that when it turns back on and asks for NCK or Network unlock code you'll see the following. "Network Lock Successful" you are done, the phone is unlocked, if it replies: "Unsuccessful" try another factory reset.
  3. When the phone is turned on after you had done the factory reset and it does ask for code, insert the MCK or Unfreeze code and press the unlock button. If it says "Unsuccessful", but don't worry is FINE, just insert again the NCK or Network unlock code and the device should say "Network Lock Successful"

As an option, if you want to unlock your device online you can with this service
Samsung New models unlock
This service will work for any device that asks for a code when inserted with a different SIM card.
*Also we have a more
detailed guide on our website: Online Guide