How to enter Fastboot and Recovery Mode on LG
How to exit in case you get stuck!

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How to enter Fastboot&Recovery
Fastboot and Recovery mode, especially the first one, with his absence in any restriction also means that you have a higher chance to brick your device.

  • "With great power comes great responsibilities" - Uncle Ben

Last time, we spoke about ways to enter these two modes, but because I wanted to focus mainly on this I haven't debated other problems, such as:

  • "I successfully entered FastBoost&Recovery mode, what do I do now, I somehow got stuck, what do I do!?" - Gaius Julius Caesar

Now, let's talk a bit about it, shall we?

Every action has its effect. if by mistake you hit, kick, drop or chew the phone or cable and it disconnects while in a process such as flashing, downgrading, upgrading etc. It will get stuck and when you try to boot it will boot directly to Fastboot mode.

"Have you try to turn it on and off?"
As simple as it sounds it can fix your problem. Try and restart your device. Turn it off and then turn it back on.
Try to turn off the device then pull out his battery, leave it for a few seconds then put the battery back on.

Try using a third party app
There are applications that can help you unstuck your Android device from the Fastboot mode .
Example Program
After downloading you'll have to connect your phone to the device, open Terminal located in ADB folder, then type fastboot devices.
After you find your device, type "fastboot reboot"

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