I'm getting a new phone that has Bluetooth 5.0 in it and I'm preferably looking for a earpiece with 5.0, but if not I can settle for something with good battery life and nose cancellation. Before this I had the LG tone infinim 910 and those were the best I've owned easily would last over a day and had noise cancellation

I'm coming from a jaybird x3 which were great I just had a few minor complaints. Battery life wasn't the best 6 to 7 hours of streaming music and I'm getting battery level 20% notifications, the necessary charger piece that attaches to the microusb cord....u lose it you can't charge the earpiece, and I wish the cord was slightly longer and had nose cancellation.

I'm not sure if there's many headsets with bt 5.0, but what are some good long lasting Bluetooth headsets?

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