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Thread: Which Samsung phone?

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    Which Samsung phone?

    Hello there,
    so I have a big problem deciding between these two phones and I need some advice:
    S7 Edge and the S9.

    I could get the S7 Edge (new) for 440 Euros. I love the display of the S7 Edge with his aspect ratio which is really perfect for watching videos/movies. It just uses the entire display.

    I could get the S9 for 560 Euros (the plus model is just too big of a phone form e) As far as I have read there are no real major improvements even the battery is pretty much the same and the cameras are a bit better in low light. I have seen it in a store and have not been a real fan of the new aspect ratio which seems to be more usuable for social media apps like instagram.. than movies. To the experts here, what would you recommend me? Which one would you choose? I am no real expert I have just read some reviews about both phones.

    Your help is much appreciated


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    I'd get the S9, it is a newer phone with a newer processor and newer everything. I just myself got a S9+ switching from a iPhone 8 plus and I much prefer the Samsung devices if only for the display.

    160 euro difference between a phone that came out this year versus a phone that came out a couple years ago is not much it also tells me that the Samsungs seem to hold their value decently well?
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    I hate to say this but after spending two weeks with the S9, I would suggest staying as far away from it as possible. Very very finicky phone, that often does things like start up an app for no apparent reason, and I very often have to hit an icon or something on the screen several times before it will recognize that I am doing so (especially close to the edges). It also has the most convoluted and confusing menu/settings system of any device I have ever owned. On the plus side, I'd say the reception is noticeably better than the iphones.

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