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Thread: Fastboot and recovery modes for new LG devices ,how to get in and out!

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    Cool Fastboot and recovery modes for new LG devices ,how to get in and out!

    Fastboot and recovery modes for new LG devices

    How to get in and out!?


    But FIRST, what is this wonder mode called "FASTBOOT"?

    Well, it is a hidden Android environment which can be used to access internal systems of your LG it is also known as "bootloader mode", basically, it's a mode which gives you a wider control over your phone.
    There is much to be said about this mode, but let's keep it simple, it is safe and is good for operations like updating or downgrading software or doing an FRP, which you can do with us FRP reset for LG Android

    Now that we clarified that no "deer" was hurt entering this mode, let's talk about ways that you can access the mode.

    Method number 1

    -Turn the device OFF
    -Hold POWER and VOLUME UP (+)

    And voilà you have entered Fastboot mode

    Method number 2

    you have problems using the first method you can use a third party app that can access it for you. I don't recommend it, but people that find it too complicated to press all these buttons and programs can find it pretty useful, for e.g. Quick Boot.

    Method number 3
    (WARNING!) This is for people who know what they are doing!
    Joking, it is actually very simple.

    This method implies executing ADB commands. I know that it sounds complicated but it is actually very simple.
    -You only have to install a program > PROGRAM <
    -connect the phone to computer
    -Open Comand Prompt Window

    Then type "adb reboot bootloader"

    And again
    voilà, you have entered

    We have talked about how to get in but HOW DO WE GET OUT !?
    Again, simple, just press the ALL MIGHTY POWER button and reboot the device.

    If you are STUCK in this mode, well, this is another story, and we'll keep it simple for now.

    How to enter Recovery Mode

    Like in the previous mode, the "Fastboot", its purpose is mostly the same.

    The method to enter Recovery Mode is:
    -When the LG Logo shows, RELEASE the buttons then press them AGAIN

    To exit this mode you'll have to do the same as in the previous mode, press the POWER button and reboot the device

    I hope this will answer your questions, I wish you a good day!

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