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The HTC One M9 since its initial launch in the year 2015 has been one of the best phones available on the market with attractive features. The device boasts an LCD3 capacitive touchscreen and HTC Sense UI 7.0 feature. This Smartphone is one of the first few devices that features a fast charging feature.

HTC phone purchased from a network service provider under contract comes with great a disadvantage that most of the customers neglected. However, today there are people who regret this decision. Network locks placed on the HTC phone is not easy to bypass. The user will have to close the contract with the network service provider and then request to unlock the network lock. This, on the other hand, would simply mean that the user should pay a huge amount, in order, to close the contract. This would not be feasible for a majority of the users. This is where the third-party unlocking service provider comes into the role. This unlocking service provider offers unlocking service at a price comparatively lesser than what the user has to pay the network service provider. Here are the advantages, the benefits of unlocking the device, and the procedure to follow to unlock HTC device permanently.

Unlock your HTC Phone NOW

Advantages of unlocking the network lock on a Smartphone

  • Every unlocking service provided by is genuine and safe.
  • Unlocking a network lock demands the user to close the contract with the service provider, which could be done only by paying the service provider a huge amount. However, if you use the unlocking service, the amount you have to pay is comparatively lesser than what you have to pay the network service provider.
  • Unlocking using is simple and the user needs to just follow a few procedures.
  • Unlocking your HTC device using does not void product warranty under any circumstances.

Advantages of unlocking your HTC phone

  • Network unlocked HTC phone tend to have higher resale value than locked HTC phone.
  • Unlocked HTC phone enables the user to switch the network without any restrictions.
  • Unlocked HTC phones could be used in any country without any restrictions. This simply means that the user could use any local SIMs on their device.
  • Unlocking the network lock on your device takes demands only a few bucks and maximum 3-days time.

On the other hand, to unlock HTC phone through the network service provider officially, the user must close the contract and place a request for unlocking the device. This consumes more time than what, takes.

Systematic Procedure to Unlock HTC Phone with Code From UnlockBoot

The unlocking process could be into two sections.

1. Purchasing the unlock code from the
2. Using the unlock code.

Steps to Purchase the HTC Unlock Code from

Step 1: Navigate to the official website of and search for the HTC unlock service and from the list of services, select the suitable service or you can click here to go directly to the page

Step 2: Now, Pick up your HTC Smartphone and dial *#06# and note the IMEI down. PS: IMEI is required for purchasing the unlock code.

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Step 3: Enter these two details in the fill-up form that could be found on the screen right now. After you have completed entering the two details, click the “Unlock Now” button below.

Step 4: The website will now navigate to a page that would display the list of available packages with the price of each package too. Now, below you would find a single field fill-up form that requests you to enter the device IMEI number. Enter the IMEI code as acquired from the device and click the “Proceed to checkout” button.

Step 5: Now on the next page, enter the contact details and bank details for the payment of the service charges.

Step 6: Once, you have completed filling in the contact and bank details, agree to the terms and conditions and click the “Order now” button. However, within a period of 1 to 5 days, the website will mail you an email containing the unlock code.

Steps to Unlock HTC Phone by Entering the HTC Unlocking Code

Step 1: Pick up your HTC phone and remove the existing SIM.

Step 2: Now, insert a SIM from a different network service provider.

Step 3: Restart your device and the device will detect SIM change, which, in turn, will prompt you to enter the unlock code. Enter the unlock code and hit the “Unlock button” .

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Voila, your HTC device is successfully unlocked.

The is one of the top network unlocking service providers for HTC phone. Do not hesitate; grab your offer now itself. Stay updated to this website for more exciting news.