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A new report from IDC claims that Huawei has surpassed Apple in global smartphone shipments, and is now second only to market leader Samsung.

The bad news is a 1.8% decline in overall sales compared to the same period last year, the third consecutive decline for the global smartphone market in as many quarters. The good news for Q2 2018, however, is all Huaweihere are some numbers to help you make sense of the chart above:

Samsung - 20.9% market share
2017 Q2 shipments: 79.8 million
2018 Q2 shipments: 71.5 million
Year-over-year change: -10.4%

Huawei - 15.8% market share
2017 Q2 shipments: 38.5 million
2018 Q2 shipments: 54.2 million
Year-over-year change: 40.9%

Apple - 12.1% market share
2017 Q2 shipments: 41 million
2018 Q2 shipments: 41.3 million
Year-over-year change: 0.7%

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Source: IDC via The Next Web