ported my number over to metro pcs and pick up the k20 plus for free and well it was the only free phone left so im thinking theres going be a OS update and nope no update phone is on 7.0 while the newest is Nougat 7.1.2

does any body have a clue when LG is going to do a final update of Nougat to 7.1.2 at least or maybe skip that and go to 8.0?

i wanted the dang samsung cuz i know they do their updates pretty well even with cheap free phones from places like metro pcs..i dont think i have ever got an OS update from LG since the time ive had them,i had a few LG phones through the many years

LG makes good phones but they really really lack on OS updates...sucks

is there a easy way to root this phone so i can remove some of this bloatware crap