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Thread: Can you port out a MINTSIM temporary phone number while in free 7 day trial?

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    my Mint sim expires in 1 week ,

    is there any place to park my phone number to use later ?

    I rarely use it to call so losing it is not a big deal , and I have another 3 month sim to install when it expires.
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    It was a new number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkdarch View Post
    There definitely is an account number for trial customers.. they are lying to you. I did this a dozen times in the past. The automated loophole was closed for trials but I have been able to convince CSR to reveal it... be creative.
    The problem is that Mint uses the last 4 of your phone # as your pin number (not secure), yet Mint uses your account number as a pin (which they won't even display on their website when you login, according to Mint).

    I don't want my number held hostage, so I'm not going to sign up like I planned. Instead I'll just buy an unlocked phone without the Mint bundle.

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