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Thread: How to fix error Failure in processing request on T-mobile Device Unlock app

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    "Failure in process request" error FIX

    Device Unlock App will unlock your device in certain conditions, you can check if your phone is eligible by checking the T-Mobile Device compatibility page or just by trying it and pressing the Permanent Unlock button from the Device unlock app. If you trying it and you get a message like "Unlock Failed": This mobile wireless device is not eligible for unlocking. For Device Unlock eligibility details, please go online or contact Customer Care, basically means the phone is not eligible for a free unlock from T-Mobile.

    In this case, you do not need to panic is still a way to get it done, you can get a T-Mobile Device Unlock service from and you will have your phone unlocked in a few days max.

    Device unlock app in some cases can return with different types of errors. One of those errors can be "Failure in processing requests. Please reboot the device and try".We can help you fix this error with some simple steps.
    This error is not related to the unlocking process, but to the device memory.

    Okay, let's start and eliminate what may be the cause of the problem:

    • The device must have enough space, so clearing the memory should fix the error. Tips for a better memory management(uninstall downloaded apps or close apps you're using, clear browser cache, cookies, history, games, anything that takes space)

    • The device should be up to date, so consider keeping your software fresh by using the latest software version.

    • The third and the most effective way of solving this error is with a factory reset. You can do a factory reset from System settings > Backup & reset. As a last resort can go ahead and restore full firmware either using the program Odin or Samsung Kies. This last part might be a more complex process so if you decide to do this look carefully into it or ask help from a professional, can contact us on the chat our website
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