We have been playing a game called Munzee via app. It uses location, camera, contacts, and storage in the phone. The app basically has two activities, physical and virtual munzees. By the way physical munzees are QR codes. The physical munzees capture great 1-2 second. The virtual munzees are the problem. These are munzees that appear on the map and don't exists in a physical form but you must be within so many feet to capture them. With my old phone (LG Aristo) it would process the virtual munzee in 1-2 seconds. With the new G7 it takes 6-15 seconds. I have turned off all of the background apps. I have even did a factory reset and only installed the Munzee app but no difference. The specs for the G7 are far superior to the Aristo, but the Aristo way out performs the new G7. I have checked and there are no updates for the app or phone. I have opened developer options and changed Window animation scale to .5x, Transition animation scale to .5x, and Animator duration scale to .5x. This did help to reduce the capture time to 6-8 seconds, but that is still too long when you need to capture a lot of Munzees. Please don't suggest to find another hobby...we addicted and have fun doing it. I will also mention that all of the other apps work very fast and absolutely no problems. I contacted LG and they suggested stopping background apps and check for updates and check with the developer. We have done that. We have had to resort to making the LG7 at hotspot and capture with the old phone. Not ideal but a temporary fix. I have contacted the developer..."they are looking into it".

Any suggestion would be appreciated.