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I just recently bought a brand new never used Lumia 640 XL from eBay.
I got an unlock code through the AT&T non customer unlock portal before it arrived.
Within 3 minutes of taking it out of the box it was unlocked and I had my T-Mobile prepaid $3 a month SIM card in it.

I really wish that the HoFo app for Windows phone still works.

The phone does a good job but I am sad that so many apps that originally worked when I first started using Windows phone do not work anymore.

I can still get all of my email through the phone and the camera is really really great.

Call quality is excellent.

Hoping that when all of the plugs are pulled from Windows phone at least I will still be able to use it as a WiFi toy and phone for talking.

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Great phone with a great battery life.

The trick to using HoFo on Windows Phone, is to log into the full website, go to the user control panel ( https://www.howardforums.com/profile.php?do=editoptions ) and select "mobile" under "skin" near the bottom of the page.

This forces the forum mobile site view to show up on desktop browsers, which Edge on WinMo looks like to many webpages, even of you set the browser to mobile view.

If you use HoFo on your PC a lot, this might drive you crazy, since mobile view will be forced in all browsers, but I tend to HoFo more on mobiles than PCs.